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Available Classes | March 2023

Brain Power & The Five Senses


Kids are sure to have some “sense-ational” fun in this class.  They’ll participate in hands-on activities that will allow them to observe and draw conclusions about the different senses.  From taste vs. smell tests to the mysteries of optical allusion.  Science is exciting as they dissect sheep brains and cow eyes!

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Lego Robotics


Welcome to the amazing world of Lego Robotics! Get ready to discover, explore, and create with our super fun and engaging robotics class. With Lego Robotics, you'll have the opportunity to let your imagination run wild as you build, program, and control your very own robot creations.

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Rockets in Motion


Discover the exciting world of rocket science and engineering with our Rockets in Motion class! Learn how to design, build and launch your very own high-flying rocket. We will make bottle rockets, canister rockets, and more! Registration is open to students K-3rd grade. Come join us and let your creativity take off!

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