California After School Science Club
California After School Science Club
California After School Science Club
California After School Science Club
California After School Science Club
California After School Science Club
California After School Science Club
California After School Science Club
California After School Science Club
California After School Science Club




“Outta This World!” - Rockets and Space

Don’t miss the excitement as we study the planets by creating edible solar systems and designing constellation stargazers.  We’ll also discover where the moon’s glow comes from, experiment with comets and learn the principles of rocketry.  Each student will be making and launching their own water bottle rockets on the last day of class.

Simple Machines: Gears, Levers & Pulleys

K’NEX Simple Machines will introduce students to concepts associated with levers, pulleys, wheels & axles, inclined planes, including wedge and screw, and gears.  Together with in-class activities students will build, investigate, discuss and evaluate the scientific principles of machines in action!  Science has never been so fun!  


Hot Wheels Speedometry is a fun and engaging way to learn about concepts such as energy, force, and motion. Speedometry encourages inquiry and real-world, problem-based learning through play, hands-on activities and lessons that support the Next Generation Science Standards.  Students will deepen their understanding of speed, angles, slopes, collisions, kinetic energy, and potential energy. The fun doesn’t have to stop when the school bell rings!  Math and science are all around us!


Insect Inspectors!

Ever wanted to know how entomologists study insects that live in different habitats?  Experience a real-world science expedition where you observe insects and other invertebrates using science tools and methods.   Live insects will be your weekly guests as you develop scientific drawing and models to learn about insect life cycles, adaptations to habitats, and the role insects play in the ecosystem.


Shake, Rattle & Roll!

Join us as we learn about earthquakes, plate tectonics and volcanoes!  We’ll construct models of the earth and create simulated earthquakes which we’ll monitor with student designed seismographs.  Students will learn to engineer structures to withstand damage from earthquakes and they’ll even build and erupt three different types of volcanoes!  Don’t miss out!  It’s sure to be an explosive good time!

Inside the Human Body 

Come and join the fun as we explore the science behind life!  We’ll investigate the four major systems of the body.  Students will create models of the bone, lung and digestive track, examine a real lung up close, observe heart and bone dissections, while studying the skeletal, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems. Students will have fun making fake blood too!  This class is full of exciting experiments, activities, crafts and great dissections!

There’s a whole lot of fun going on when you experiment with simple circuits! In this special four week session we will explore circuits with inquiry based activities that uncover the mysteries of how things light up, move, and make sound.   Join in on the discovery as we build circuits with switches, buzzers, and lights.  Learn to make a homemade flashlight and build funny circuit creatures with squishy conductive play dough.  Play dough just got a whole lot more interesting!! 

Fizzy,Foamy Chemistry Fun!

You’ll pop your top experimenting with flying, bursting film canisters that work through chemistry.  Learn why things bubble, fizz and react as we explore the science of chemistry with experiments, reactions and activities such as Atomic Slime and Foaming Elephant Toothpaste. Each student will make their own Acid Base Bottle Rocket and will launch them on the last day of class! This class promises to be overflowing with surprises!


Bubbleology! The Science of Bubbles

Blow giant bubbles, bubbles within bubbles and bouncing bubbles.  Make geometrically shaped bubbles, bubble domes, smoke filled bubbles and glowing bubbles!  Budding scientists will learn about the history of soap bubbles, how to mix the perfect bubble solution, the physics behind surface tension, tons of ways to blow bubbles, and so much more.  Kids will see for themselves why these simple structures of soap, water & air are still studied by scientists today.

Balance and Motion!

Have you ever wondered how people with nerves of steel walk on top of a wire and how circus acrobats balance on top of chairs?  Look no further than the science of Balance and Motion!  Students will discover what is needed to make the objects around them balance and spin. Your students will be thrilled to learn the mysteries of balance point and the secrets of counterweight as they easily solve the problem of balance.  They will leave class with the tools to balance almost anything!  Students will balance the impossible Crayfish, pencils on points, create spinners and twirlers, and build mobiles that balance at least six objects at a time!


Dinosaur Detectives

Dinosaurs may no longer rule the earth but in kids minds dinosaurs can still rule the classroom!  Become a  paleontologist and create “terrible lizard” eggs, make clay models of dinosaurs, learn all about a place named Egg Mountain and discover what fossils are by making your very own.  We’re about to have some prehistoric fun!


Science Magic - Abracadabra!

Hocus Pocus, you’re the focus as you amaze and astound your friends with some awesome science magic!  Master the art of illusion and discover the scientific secrets behind these tricks.  Use your newfound skills at the dinner table with your family & perform the Root Beer Genie Trick, the Puncture Proof Balloon, Bouncing Bubbles, the Human Table Trick, the Nail Balance Challenge, Swinging Glasses and so much more!!  IT’S NOT MAGIC, IT’S SCIENCE!

Everything Creepy Crawly

Discover everything from creepy crawly ants to lovely ladybugs as we study insects and their homes.  They may bother us from time to time but insects are one of the most enduring life forms on our planet.  Try developing the persistence of an ant or the athletic ability of a worm!  Get started by observing these wiggly soil lovers up close!

Shock & Spark

There’s a whole lot of shock and spark going on when you experiment with static electricity and safe currents!  Learn about the dance of electrons; who they’ll jump in with and who they’ll avoid.  Join the fun as we create electricity from potatoes and lemons, set up series and parallel circuits while we construct flashlights and doorbells. and assemble our very own electromagnets.



When you explore the properties of air you discover that air occupies space, has weight and exerts pressure.  Join us as we uncover the many mysteries of air and learn how Air-Mazing science can be as we make Cartesian divers, learn the “eggsclusive” 100 year old secret of the egg in a bottle trick and make your very own hot air balloon!



Did you know that Sea Stars (Starfish) eat by throwing up?  They shove their stomach out of their mouth, digest their food, then suck its stomach back in!  Learn these and many more gross facts as we study molecules, polymers and perform simple chemical reactions; creating fake wounds, snot, barf and blood as well as slime bouncy balls.  Now that’s gross!

Magnetic Madness

Let’s investigate the powers of magnets!  Have you ever wondered why  magnets pick up some objects and not others?  Did you know you can make your very own magnet?  You’ll even make a compass!  Come discover that our own planet is actually an enormous magnet.  Join the fun as we investigate the mysteries of this invisible force!



The Amazing Silkworm

Come learn the mysteries of the Silkworm!   Each student will be given their very own silkworm to observe and raise. They will also get to create a silkworm habitat to take home.  We will study the four stages of development from egg, to larvae, to pupa to adult moth!  Learn about the history of the silk trade and how silk is produced.  This class is fun and full of lots of crafts!


Brain Power & The Five Senses

Kids are sure to have some “sense-ational” fun in this class.  They’ll participate in hands-on activities that will allow them to observe and draw conclusions about the different senses.  From taste vs. smell tests to the mysteries of optical allusion.  Science is exciting as they dissect sheep brains and cow eyes!

Marvelous metamorphosis

Kids naturally love insects!  Come take a close up view of mealworms and caterpillars as they transition throughout all four stages of metamorphosis!   From egg, larva, and pupa, to adult Darkling Beetles and the Painted Lady Butterflies.   Students will prepare habitats, conduct experiments, use a magnifying lens and document growth and development throughout this marvelous journey.  This is an experience your student will never forget!