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All Things Science Programs and Features FAQs

We're dedicated to delivering exceptional results, fostering lasting relationships, and empowering our community partners to thrive in the constantly evolving STEM landscape.

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What is All Things Science?

All Things Science brings hands-on STEM experiments and activities to K-6th grade schools. We teach students about Rockets, Space, Robotics, 3D Printing, Coding, Chemistry, Circuits, Physics, Magnets, and more!


How Does It Work?

We partner with your school. Then our STEM educators guide your students through the wonders of STEM with our curated hands-on activities and experiments. Our programs can take place during school or after school.


What Offerings Do You Find Most Useful?

Our most valuable offerings include our engaging after-school programs, dynamic STEM events, and interactive in-school STEM lab workshops. These experiences are designed to spark curiosity, foster a love for learning, and equip students with essential skills for the future.


Would You Recommend The After School STEM Programs For Our Elementary School?

Absolutely! Our after-school STEM programs are highly recommended for their engaging, hands-on approach to learning. They not only ignite students' curiosity about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics but also foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for their future success.


How Has ATS Club Impacted Students' STEM Literacy
At Other Schools?

All Things Science has significantly enhanced STEM literacy in schools by making complex concepts accessible and engaging. Our programs encourage hands-on learning, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of STEM subjects among students. This approach has led to noticeable improvements in students' confidence, curiosity, and enthusiasm for science and technology.