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LEGO ROBOTICS "WEDO" 2.0LEGO Robotic Education makes science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and coding come to life. The unique combination of the LEGO brick, classroom-friendly software, and engaging, standards-based projects results in a resource that builds students’ confidence to ask questions, define problems and design their own solutions by putting STEM learning directly in their hands. Students will get an opportunity to build working machines and robots and learn the basics of how to program a robot to respond to various commands and instructions.

Calling All Rollercoaster Designers!Amusement Park Physics -Who doesn't love the heart pounding, fast-paced thrills of a roller coaster ride? Half the fun of the ride comes from feeling like you're going to fly right out of your seat - so why don't you? This introductory unit will encourage students to think about the energy needed to make things move by designing their own rollercoasters!  Students will encounter many of the same issues that real-world roller coaster engineers address. They will investigate the role that hills play in making roller coasters move and the energy transfer that happens when two objects collide. Students will extend their learning by experimenting with rubber band racing vehicles while investigating relationships between stored & released energy & why things speed up & slow down. 


CHAIN REACTION! - This class is designed to encourage ingenuity, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Each week students will be presented with an engineering and design challenge to create their own chain reaction machine using everyday items like cardboard tubes, marbles and dominoes to make wacky contraptions. Students will turn simple tasks into a multi-step process in the style of a Rube Goldberg cartoon.  Students will design machines to transfer energy from one item to another allowing them to interact as scientists, inventors, and engineers.  This class is about giving students an outcome and letting them be creative.  Time to flex your maker muscles!  

Mean Green Photosynthesizing Machines - Students will learn that plants have needs, and will reason from evidence to understand how plants meet their needs. Their attention will be drawn to exciting connections they can observe in their everyday world like why forests are dark and why trees grow so tall. Students will learn how seeds must get away from their parent plant in order to survive, the importance of water for plants and what it is about dirt that plants really need. They’ll build a Root Viewer to see up close how roots behave and will investigate the importance of sunlight to plants by building creative Grass Heads! Students will use Lego Robotics to investigate how organisms take an active role in plant reproduction by creating and programming a pollinator and a plant.

THE SCIENCE OF SLIME & CHEMICAL REACTIONS! - During this 8 week class students will learn why things bubble, fizz and react as we explore the science of chemistry with experiments, reactions and activities such as Bouncing Bubbles, Foaming Elephant Toothpaste, Salt Crystals and Acid-Base Exploding Canisters. Students will also learn why things glow, how metal can stretch, and what makes something change color instantly in the palm of your hand. They will have fun exploring the science and chemistry behind the many different kinds of slime: Color Changing Slime, Fluffy Slime, Metal Slime, Glow in the Dark Slime, and so much more. This class promises to be a slimming good time!

Chemical Magic! Have you ever wondered if magic potions are real? Could you transform something worthless into gold? What would happen if you drank acid and why do some things explode, like fireworks? Students will be introduced to the alchemists, a historic group of people who experimented with “potions” as they attempted to transform ordinary metal into gold! Students will discover that alchemists were the chemists of their day! As young alchemists your students will test how solutions can change tarnished pennies into looking new. They will learn why the kings of old believed their swords could go from silver to gold!  What they thought was magic, we know as science!

MISSION TO MARS - Students, prepare to go on an exciting journey? You are about blast off into outer space to explore the Red Planet? Welcome to Mission to Mars! Over the course of this class your student will learn about and plan a mission to Mars. Your students will apply their creativity and science and math knowledge to explore the 4th planet from the Sun. They will become junior engineers and learn what it takes to make for a successful Mission to Mars!

GISMO & GADGETS - Many of our favorite toys rely on electric circuits, gears, and motors to move.  Spend the month making some of the world’s simplest motors and explore how they all fit together!  Combining science and engineering, students will learn the basics of motors and the relationship between circuitry and magnets.  Together we will build new types of fidget spinners, spinning copper coil motors and electric circuit cars and scribble-bot robots!  

BACK TO SCHOOL "STEMTASTIC!" - Engineers dream up creative, practical solutions and work with other smart, inspiring people to invent, design, and build things that matter. They are changing the world all the time! This Back-to-School session offers four engaging, effective ways to get students thinking like engineers. These challenges provide excellent ways for students to exercise their creativity and practice important skills, such as problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking. Some of the challenges include building watercraft that will float well enough to support a heavy load without sinking and a Zip Line designed to carry a Ping-Pong ball from the top of a zip line to the bottom in four seconds (or less!) 

THE SCIENCE BEHIND TOYS - Toys are a universal source of joy for kids of all ages. The truth is, there is a lot of science that goes into the designing and making of toys. During this four week class students will explore the science behind a car that is propelled by a chemical reaction. They will build a mini robot that moves through the power of vibration and build their very own Fidget Spinner to discover how important the laws of motion and balance are. Finally, students will create a batch of fun and gooey slime and learn why a simple chemical reaction can make this toy come to life.